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“Can this be Hell?”

The diary of Connecticut POW Robert Kellogg indicates that it was raining the day my great-great-grandfather, William Davies, arrived at Andersonville Prison. Kellogg had already been there for a month, enduring the Georgia heat of mid- to late May of … Continue reading

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Letters to The Bookman

15.8.99 Dear Sirs: I have by chance met with a number of The Bookman containing [a] portion of an article on the scenes of the Wessex novels, & should feel obliged if you could send me the whole. Yours truly, … Continue reading

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Grounding through a mineral ritual

While participating in a ritual is often a transformational experience, I’m finding that even helping out at a ritual can be nourishing. Last night Glenn led a group of five people through a mineral ritual at Sky Lake Lodge in … Continue reading

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God and the people, after the flood

Horses are escaping through a broken fence. I cut through the neighbor’s yard, and his dogs nip at me. I protect myself with a couch cushion from the horse owner’s house. I’m slogging through the mud on the road back … Continue reading

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A West African water ritual of anointing

Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. – Psalm 23 The woman dips three fingers into her bowl of water. She traces her fingertips along my temple and down the line of my jaw while looking directly … Continue reading

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Feeding the ancestors with eloquence

Quoting Martin Prechtel (see two previous posts) on the Mayan view of the ancestors: You feed your ancestors with words and eloquence. We all have old, forgotten languages that our languages are descended from, and many of these languages are … Continue reading

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The Civil War and the hungry ghosts

In the previous post, I wrote about Mayan teachings related by Martin Prechtel in a Sun Magazine interview with Derrick Jensen in 2009. Like the West African Dagara, whose traditions I have been studying with Glenn Leisching (pictured),  the Mayans … Continue reading

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