Gettysburg interviews in Civil War Times magazine

coe rainbowYou may recall that I wandered around the Gettysburg battlefield in July, on the 150th anniversary of the battle, wearing a sandwich sign that read “If your ancestor fought at Gettysburg, I want to hear about it.”

The resultant article, entitled “Pilgrimage”, is now out in Civil War Times magazine. It’s in the December 2013 issue, which, for reasons I do not understand, went on sale in late September. Unfortunately, the article is not available online, but you can order a copy of the magazine on the HistoryNet website..

Included in the article is the picture above, taken by a spectator at one of this year’s two Gettysburg reenactments.

William Coe, on the left in the photo, provided one of my interviews. In reenactments, he portrays his great-great-uncle, Little Billy Coe, a diminutive soldier from North Carolina who died from wounds sustained at Cemetery Hill.

Many thanks to all the people who had the patience to stop and tell me about their ancestors in the midst of paying homage by visiting the battlefield.

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