Civil War Diary of William Morgan Davies

I’ve been reading my great great grandfather’s Civil War diary. Here are the first two entries:

June 6th [1862]  Commence keeping company with Louisa, M, Dickerman

August 5th Enlisted in the 95th O,V,I  [Ohio Volunteer Infantry] Com, A

William Morgan Davies is the first of my ancestors to reach down to me from the past. I am bringing him into the future, along with other relatives I’ve been researching. I’m starting this blog midstream in the process of unearthing a wealth of family history.

My mother, grandfather, and great grandmother all did a great deal of genealogical research, which I’m drawing on. They also saved some astonishing artifacts. At this point, I am telling people about the project I am absorbed in, and they are coming up with surprising responses and coincidences.

For example, I told my friend Sara about my plans to go to Mississippi and trace Davies’ route across the state, as detailed in the diary. “He mentions the rivers they cross and the little towns they pass through,” I said, “like Fernando.”

“You mean Hernando,” said Sara.

“What? You know Hernando, Mississippi?” I asked, astonished.

“My mother grew up in Mississippi,” she said. “My great great grandfather was the last governor of Mississippi before Reconstruction. I’ve been planning to go to Jackson and look through the materials our family donated to the historical museum….”

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3 Responses to Civil War Diary of William Morgan Davies

  1. Interesting project! Feel free to look me up when you’re out this way. Greetings from your pal in the ‘sip.

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